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10/24/16 - The presentation schedule is below:

2016 SA BEST Presentation Schedule - Moody LIFE Sciences Center, St Mary's University
Saturday (10/29/2016)
Time Room 204 Time Room 205 Time Room 206
9:00 21 Devine HS 9:00     9:00 40 Champion HS
9:30 13 John Marshall HS 9:30     9:30 25 Stevens HS
10:00 34 La Feria HS 10:00     10:00 36 School of Sci & Tech
10:30 26 Winston School 10:30     10:30 7 Warren HS
11:00     11:00     11:00 22 Saint Mary's Hall
11:30 15 Spring Branch MS 11:30     11:30 14 STEM ECHS
12:00 Lunch Break
12:30 1 Holy Cross 12:30 39 Harlandale HS 12:30 23 St Anthony CHS
1:00 27 IDEA Prep 1:00 30 Boerne MS S 1:00 19 Antonian
1:30 3 Alamo Homeschool 1:30 20 Natalia HS  1:30 31 St Gregory
2:00 32 Navarro HS 2:00 35 Smithson Valley MS 2:00 28 Lutheran
2:30 Break
3:00 37 JB Alexander HS 3:00 10 LB Johnson HS 3:00 11 KSAT
3:30 4 UET Magnet 3:30 9 Canyon Lake HS 3:30 17 Irving MS
4:00 6 Taft HS 4:00 2 Longfellow MS 4:00 16 John Jay SEA
4:30 24 Edison HS 4:30 8 Pleasanton HS 4:30 12 Brennan HS

10/16/16 - Two weeks and counting! Game day on October 30th will come faster than you expect.

A few updates:

  1. Please, please, please update your school information - students bug your teachers to take care of this.
  2. Check to make sure that you know how to upload your notebook. The team administrator must be logged in, and a link will be available under the "Admin Functions" link - same page that you need to go to to update your team information. Did we mention we'd like you to update your team information?
  3. The schedule for machine check on the 29th has changed a bit - we'll be starting machine checks at 4:00 PM (not 3:00 PM).
  4. Another change is that you should be able to start your booth setup at 5:00 PM (not 6:00 PM) on the 29th.
  5. One more bit of news - we will be advancing 10 teams total to the UIL/Texas BEST Championship. One large UIL school, one small UIL school, the top five BEST award teams, and the top three teams from the robotics competition. All teams advancing as UIL and BEST teams will participate fully in the BEST award (presentation, display, etc) at the State level. As always, all advancing teams will submit an engineering notebook.

9/11/16 - Kickoff is less than a week away, so we hope that you're geared up and ready to go.

For teams that are new, or need a refresher on the kit, we'll be doing an overview session in the morning on the 17th from 10:30 to 11:30 AM. Remember that all kickoff activities are in the Auxiliary Gym (in the convocation center) this year. You may want to visit the University Center for lunch if you're attending the morning session. Other fast food restaurants are nearby as well. Please remember to bring a vehicle large enough to carry the kit materials. The 2x4 ft. sheets of plywood and 5 ft. long pieces of PVC pipe are the largest items. As always, feel free to bring still or video cameras to help those who couldn't attend.

One of the new items that we have this year is a new scholarship opportunity. Hallmark University is graciously offering a scholarship to a senior participating on an SA BEST team. More details, and the application are available.

8/11/16 - The schedule has been posted. We hope that you're ready for this!

7/24/16 - Over the summer is a great time to get your computers ready for the fall competition. You can load trial versions of RobotC or EasyC, or if you've registered as a team, you can contact us for information on getting set up with your SIMULINK license for the next year. It's a great way to get a jump start on the season and avoid compatibility problems.

If you're already signed up with SA BEST and want to compete as a UIL team, you can sign up for that via EventBrite. Please sign up only once - if you change your mind about the UIL part, just let me know and we'll get it fixed.

6/9/16 - Have you had a chance to check out the teaser video for this year's game? The game is called "Bet the Farm" we're pretty sure the theme is related to a wild weekend in Las Vegas, but we could be wrong.

We're making room for 40 teams this year, so, there's good news and bad news. Here's the bad news: we'll be a little more crowded in the pit area if we get all 40 teams to show up. The good news is that we plan to build two fields to accommodate the extra teams and that will mean that you should end up with a few more seeding matches (woo hoo!) If your team does not show up on the schools page, then you're not signed up. This year, in addition to the Texas BEST Championship, there will also be a UIL Championship. We're still waiting on additional information on the details of UIL advancement.

We've posted the tentative schedule. The kickoff and competition dates have been narrowed to two options. When we know the dates, we'll post it.

If you want to help us out with some fund raising, SA BEST is registered as part of Amazon Smile. You can designate SA BEST as your charity on Amazon and we'll receive 0.5% of the price you pay for eligible items. Father's day is just around the corner (hint-hint), you just have to get to Amazon through the Smile link.




The SA BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) competition is a contest held annually to inspire and interest students in the fields of science and engineering. With guidance from adult mentors, local teams of students design and build a remote controlled machine to accomplish a specific task. The students are given a box of raw materials from which to build the machine and 6 weeks to design and construct it. The task of the robot is kept secret until Kick-off Day, when all the teams are told what the robot is required to do.  On Competition Day, all schools will compete head-on with each other in a thrilling science-fair-turned-sports-event.  Several teams advance to the regional Texas Best competition and compete with the BEST robots from other areas. More information on the BEST concept is available.


SA BEST appreciates the contributions of all sponsors, but would particularly like to recognize


for their contributions to all  BEST hubs through their Yes Program


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