The ultimate decision regarding team participation will reside with the SA BEST Board of Directors.

Team sign-up policy:

  1. Teams in "good-standing" that participated in the competition during the previous year will have a slot reserved until May 1. "Good-standing" is determined primarily by returning the return-kit in good condition by the agreed-upon date and team behavior during the BEST events.  (Teams that received a kit but did not complete a robot and participate on game day are not considered to be in good-standing with SA BEST.)
  2. After May 1, sign-up is on a first-come basis.
  3. All teams must provide proper and complete contact information at the BEST Registry site to participate.  Teams must provide a valid e-mail address. New teams must provide evidence that the school supports the participation. An e-mail to the SABEST contact from a school administrator is fine.
  4. Excess teams (beyond the planned team count) will be placed on a waiting list. Teams from the waiting list will be used in the event that an accepted team fails to attend kick-off.
  5. All teams must be affiliated with a school. A student attending a school with a BEST team must participate on that school's team.
  6. Home school teams are allowed but must be able to demonstrate a program recognized by the state of Texas. Multiple home school teams in the same region/city will be considered on a case-by-case basis; teams must be able to demonstrate the need for more than one team in any specific area.
  7. Any team should be prepared to demonstrate:
  • The number of adults (mentors) and students anticipated.
  • Availability of a shop and/or other resources needed for carrying out the project.
  • An understanding of the BEST approach.


The SA BEST home region includes Bexar County and the counties immediately surrounding Bexar County: Bandera, Medina, Atascosa, Wilson, Guadalupe, Comal, and Kendall Counties.  Visiting teams from outside these counties are welcome to participate with the SA BEST when:

  1. There is space available at SA BEST.
  2. There is not another BEST hub servicing the team's location, or the appropriate hub does not have sufficient space.
  3. SA BEST is the nearest or most convenient hub to the team location.