We are currently planning for 36 teams to participate in the 2023 San Antonio BEST contest.  Teams that have participated previously and have returned their return-parts (or have SA BEST permission to use the parts), will have a slot reserved until May 1.  After May 1st, the remaining slots will be filled on a first-come first served basis. Please use the BEST registration system to register your school's team.  Even after we fill our slots, we will add teams on a waiting list.  Please review our Team Policy before signing up.

You must provide a valid e-mail address that we can use to confirm your intention to compete.  This web site and e-mail will be primary methods of providing you with updated information on the contest dates/times, locations, etc. We are always happy to speak with you by phone to answer individual questions and help you to solve problems, but typically teachers are difficult to reach by phone during the workday. So, e-mail will be used extensively to distribute the bulk information.

Team Schedule

During 6-8 week period between kickoff and competition in the Fall teams can expect to follow a schedule similar to the following:

Week Activity Days/Hours per Week
0 Organize your team (before kickoff!) 1 day, 2 hrs
1 Kickoff meeting/brainstorming/strategy 3 days, 3 hrs/day
2 Brainstorming/prototyping/platform build 3 days, 3 hrs/day
3 Prototyping/start machine build/practice 4-5 days, 3-4 hrs/day
4 Machine build/practice 4-5 days, 3-4 hrs/day
5 Machine build/practice/demo day 4-5 days, 4-6 hrs/day
6 Refinement/driving practice 4-5 days, 4-6 hrs/day
End of week 6 Local Hub competition Friday night, Saturday
7-8 Repairs, driving practice 3 days, 2 hrs/day
End of week 8 BEST Championship Friday - Saturday


Have a look at the answers to some common team questions.

Have a look at the explanation of state level activities to understand possible methods of team advancement