1. What is the money used for?
    All the money goes towards the program (the staff is all-volunteer). Roughly 80 percent of the funds go towards purchasing the expendable materials kit that we provide to the school and towards replacement of components of the returnable portion of the kit (control system, motors, etc). The remainder of the funds are used for items like game-day insurance, materials for building the field, trophies and awards for the participating schools, banners, mailings, etc.
  2. How long has SA-BEST been doing this?
    SA-BEST was started in 1994 and has held a competition every year since. We are the oldest of all the BEST hubs.
  3. What kind of participation is there?
    As of 2018, we plan for 44 schools to participate in the competition each year, but the actual number of teams varies. We typically have over 800 students participate in SA BEST at their schools. The teams are primarily from the San Antonio area, but as one of the larger hubs, we also host many teams from other areas in Texas where BEST doesn't exist.
  4. What kind of exposure will my company get?
    We publish the names of all sponsors in the game-day program in addition to listing them on our web site as well as the web sites of BEST Robotics Inc. and Texas BEST. We include our sponsors names in the materials that are presented at Texas BEST (projected onto a large screen during the competition).
  5. How much should my company contribute?
    Our goal is to raise approximately $25,000 per year. Naturally, any amount is welcome and very much appreciated. Large companies might consider donating $2500 to $3500 per year. For example, Southwest Research Institute normally contributes $4500 per year.
  6. Can I make an anonymous donation?
    Of course. We'd like to include you in our program and list you on our web site, but if you'd prefer, we can leave you off the list completely, or just not categorize the amount of your donation.
  7. What else can my company do to help?
    This is a question we sure like to hear! Mentors and other volunteers are always needed.