1. What is happens at Kickoff?
    At kickoff, the teams are first exposed to the game rules and receive the parts from which they can build the machine. The field is set up so that teams can examine it closely. The hub will demonstrate one way of playing the game with a demonstration machine. Note that the demonstration robot does not necessarily show the best way to play the game, just that it is possible.
  2. What is Demo Day?
    Demo Day is your chance to test your machine on the real game field. Open practice time and mock competitions are held to help you work out the details of your machine. The event is loosely structured to give teams the opportunity to benefit from having access to the game field and to the SA BEST staff. All teams (within 60 miles of San Antonio) must bring a machine to Demo Day in order to participate in the competition.
  3. What is Machine Check-in?
    At machine check-in your machine will be inspected to ensure that it has been constructed only from legal kit parts (those on the kit list), and that it meets the size and weight restrictions. Non-complying machines will not be allowed to participate, but SA BEST will make every effort to help teams make their machine compliant.
  4. What happens on Game Day?
    Game day is when the exciting head-to-head competition occurs. Teams play matches throughout the day. There is no charge for admission; so, parents, teachers and friends are all invited to come out and support the teams. In addition to the machine competition, the final elements of the BEST competition are also judged this day.