Mentors are the heart of SA BEST since they are the individuals who have the most interaction with the students. This program is for the kids, and mentors who understand this make the program work.

Imagine being 17 or 18 years old and contemplating education and career choices that will affect the rest of your life. Now imagine having an opportunity to spend six weeks working alongside adults with technical and life experience from organizations around San Antonio. What a difference a Mentor can make. Simply being there to talk to students about your work and your experiences. Hearing your advice about pursuing technology-oriented studies and careers could help a student make an important life decision. It’s a chance to be a positive role model.

BEST mentors share their knowledge, talents, and maturity with our students - helping them chart a course through unfamiliar waters. They help students in areas such as:

  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Prioritization
  • Applying Math & Science
  • Sportsmanship
  • Inspiration

Have a look at the answers to our Mentor Questions to get a little more insight into the mentoring task.