Your robot normally relies heavily on the motors working properly. To help them continue to work properly, please pay attention to the following items:

  • Use the connectors supplied in the consumable kit with the motor; please don’t solder to the leads.
  • Mount the motor using 8-32 screws that install on the face of the motor. Be careful of the insertion depth; the maximum depth is roughly 1/8" for the small motor, and roughly 1/4" for the large motor.
  • Since the motor is not sealed, keep the motor away from any metal shavings or other debris.
  • Do not glue anything to the shaft.  You have been provided with wheel hubs, and other components that can be attached to the motor shaft without glue. Custom components mounted to the shaft can use a set-screw to the motor flat to provide a good interface.
  • Use the motor mounts provided and use the short screws with those motor mounts to avoid damaging the gearhead.
  • Small motor Specifications
  • Large motor Specifications
  • Small motor SolidWorks Model (step) - right click and save file
  • Large motor SolidWorks Model (step) - right click and save file