The field represents a demolition site that includes a two-story building that is to be deconstructed, dumpsters for collection of refuse, and a trailer that can be used for recycling specific materials. Other items present on the site include various equipment and materials. Trees that must not be harmed are also present in the demolition area.

The building consists of eight panels and three floor/roof sections that are meant to come apart with minimal effort. Inside the building, there are various materials: scrap metal, water pipe, copper wiring, tile, and insulation.

Materials can be placed in different locations: trash pile, dumpster, reusable and recyclable (R&R) container. Each area has different scoring values as detailed in the tables that follow.

Game Piece Number Trash Pile
(points each)
(points each)
Concrete Block 6 2 5
Insulation 6 3 10
Building Wall 8 7 15
Building Floor/Roof 3 15 30


Game Piece Number Trash Pile
(points each)
(points each)
R&R Container
(points each)
Scrap Metal 25 1 2 4
Scrap Tile 3 5 10 40
Pipe Bundle* 1 - 50 -
Copper Wire 6 4 7 20
Water Pipe 8 3 4 13

* Pipe Bundle directly on trailer: 100 pts

The fence Panels score 10 points per connection with a two-times multiplier bonus for a closed polygon that surrounds the trailer.  Additional bonus tasks include:

  • Balanced Trailer: Doubles points of items scored on trailer.
  • Autonomous Retrieval of Pipe Bundle: 120 pts, if pipe bundle is also scored on trailer, doubles pipe bundle score on trailer (additional 100 pts)
  • Air Compressor State:
    • Safe (inside safe zone, on floor): 20 pts
    • Lifted (robot holding at least 1.5” above floor): 40 pts
    • Secured (inside closed fencing, on floor): 60 pts

Teams that disturbed or knocked over a tree received a 20 second penalty for each tree during which the team had to surrender the robot controller.

Spotters were able to load light poles onto the robot but had no other interaction with the field or robot.

The game was played remotely at team locations (because of Covid 19) and each team played eight matches with a referee monitoring the game play and helping with scoring rules.  The average score, with the lowest score dropped, was used to determine the game winner.

San Antonio BEST Award Results:

  1. United Engineering and Technology Magnet*
  2. Spring Branch Middle School*
  3. J B Alexander High School*
  4. Uvalde High School*
  5. Lackland ISD*
  6. Smithson Valley High School*
  7. Hill Country College Preparatory High School*
  8. Smithson Valley Middle School

Competition Results:

  1. United Engineering and Technology Magnet*
  2. William Howard Taft High School*
  3. Spring Branch Middle School*
  4. Holy Cross of San Antonio
  5. Canyon Lake High School*
  6. Hill Country College Preparatory High School*
  7. Pieper High School*
  8. Earl Warren High School*

* schools advancing to Texas BEST/UIL Competition

Other Awards:

  • Founders Award - 
    1. Brennan High School
    2. United South High School
  • Good Lookin' John Wigand Most Photogenic - Lackland ISD
  • SAME Award - Smithson Valley Middle School
  • Critical Design Review - Lackland ISD

The detailed Game Results and BEST Award Results are available at the links.