Our 31 teams should be well into their design/strategy process by now (since kickoff was September 11).  Please seek help early if you are struggling.  You can contact the SA BEST leadership for suggestions.

We're looking for volunteers to help act as judges or referees for the following events (that will all be executed online via Google Meet).

  • Oct 12 and 13 (7 pm -9 pm) Critical Design Review - Judges interact with teams on their designs 
  • Oct 27 to Nov 6, review and score engineering notebooks 
  • Nov 2 and 3 (7 pm -9 pm) Marketing Presentations - Judges evaluate team marketing presentations
  • Nov 6 - Team Exhibit Interviews - Judges conduct 5 minute interviews with teams, and judge virtual exhibits
  • Nov 6 (9am - 4pm) - Team Time Trials - Referees monitor teams executing game trials 

If you are interested in helping, please create an account the BEST Registry.  Once logged into that account, look for volunteer opportunities for San Antonio BEST and sign up for one or more positions.