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Believe it or not, there is work to do all year round! Hub volunteers are needed for fund-raising, working on kit materials, contacting schools, recruiting mentors, organizing the various events surrounding the competition and a (long) list of other activities. If you are interested in surrendering some of your time in exchange for absolutely no money, please take a moment and fill out the online sign-up form.

What do volunteers do? Among the many activities, some volunteers  risk life and limb (while donning zebra stripes) to supervise the games and keep things under control.  Volunteers put the field together,  arranged for the use of the gymnasium, took care of the nice trophies awarded to the teams, and a long list of other activities needed to make BEST happen.  If you'd like to be part of the team,  why don't you go ahead and sign up?

If you're not quite ready and would like some additional information on volunteer activities, please contact us (no high pressure sales, we promise).

Volunteers (a partial list)

david adams   TRW
Lisa Bailey   Retired - Joint Info Ops Warfare Center
joseph beckman   USG
Mathew Capps   FBD
Charis Castillo   St. Mary's University
Jon Cutshall   Southwest Research Institute
Wiede Cutshall   Cutshall Consulting, LLC
Tom Deeter   AT&T Government Solutions
Tomas Gonzalez  
Gail Grimley   C.H. Guenther & Son.
Terry Grimley   Southwest Research Institute
Jacob Hernandez   St. Mary's University
Sung Kim   U.S. Air Force
Dick Kochanek   Retired
William Lee   Microsoft
Amber McClung   St Marys University
Frank McQueen   USAF
Tom O'Brien   IBM, Shell, United Space Alliance
Matthew orta   Susie chavaria
Jongchan Park   USAF
Daniel Post  
David R. Rael  
Austin Rendon   UTSA
Bob Rogers   Southwest Research Institute
Briana Salazar   UTSA
Rachel Samples   US Air Force
Rita Sams   Department of Defense
Andrew Scarbrock  
Rabia Shahid  
Sean Suputra  
Pris Truesdell   Palo Alto College
Benjamin Uresti  
Roberto von Ellenrieder  
Russ Williamson   Microsoft
Robert Wilson   USAF
Yolanda Woods  

BEST Judges

Tom Deeter   AT&T Government Solutions
Eric Dornes   Southwest Research Institute
Tom O'Brien   IBM, Shell, United Space Alliance