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Team Profile

School Name: Canyon Lake High School
Team Name: Hawk Robotics
Team Number: 9
Machine Name: Hawk
Years in BEST: 10
Web Address: www.comalisd.org/Schools/CLHS/

Coaches (teachers):
Patrick Fallin

Industry Coaches (mentors):
Jerry Schubert

Members (students):
Evan L Baxter
Matthew R Bell
Treyton D Blume
Joseph Boyd
Jeremiah C Brooks
Justin J Bruce
Jordan E Bryan
Waylen A Carney
James R Castillo
Colten J Cooper
Kaycee L Daniels
Toby L Easter
Thomas M Fowler
Benjamin K Fulton
Camden N Garcia
Lucas M Garcia
Alyssa N Guerrero
Pierce J Heller
Brayden L Hight
William E Hillenbrand
Rudy A Hinojosa
Jacob E Kolaja
Serguio Landa
Jose O Loyola
Nelson Madera
Ty A Martinez
Tate L Massey
Megan M Mclendon
Taylor S Murphy
Jacob T Neel
Elric J Osborn
Christina Ostos
Anthony R Ozuna
Dylan M Peters
Eric C Qualters
Ty M Radtke
Alan N Roberts Jr.
August J Rowe
Dalton M Sandau
Jesus A Sarmiento
Brandi N Schimonsky
John M Schryver
Nathaniel S Scott
Stephen D Sharp
Sarah A Shepard
Samuel B Sheppard
Isak J Sjodin
Joshua A Skipper
Alexa R Smith
Ross G Snowden
Micah D St John
Adam C Vannoy
Malachi D Weatherford
Kade M White
Bryson G Witt
Barry A Woodling

Team Statement:
As we begin our tenth year we hope to improve on our ability to work under time constraints and produce a more viable competitive product. This year the team is made up of an Engineering Math Class consisting of seniors and juniors, a Principles of Applied Engineering Class consisting of freshmen and sophomores, and a Robotic 1 class consisting of Freshmen - Juniors. Only two students where members of last years team.

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